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We help to connect caring families with healthy puppies.

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We are Cocker Spaniels and Poodles family, we continue to be directly involved with day to day operations of all our puppies and also offer advice if required. Our Family has 11 years experience caring for puppies and provide valuable experience, advice, and hands on care for our little ones. 

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OUR PUPPIES are adorable, high-energy, people-oriented, designer crossbreeds. They are sweet, loving, and low-shedding companions.
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calligraphy artist reviewer
“I just want to thank you all for dolly I and my family are absolutely loving her and also your advice is truly top notch.”
Emma Hart
calligraphy artist reviewer 2
“I just received little marcus and the delivery process so easy and I did not even have to leave the house cheers !”
Erik Doe